Howl 2 Go - Victoria Saint Martin

If you read my last journal entry about Jessie and TJ’s wedding, you know I met these amazing musicians at their reception. man, was I at the right place at the right time; I cannot exaggerate how lucky I feel to have met Tommy, the manager of the bands.

Howl 2 Go is an extension of a little club you may have heard of called… HOWL AT THE MOON! yes, the live concert dueling pianos club in all the major cities in the continental U.S. Howl 2 Go lets you bring that exciting dueling piano competition and talented musicians to any event you desire anywhere in the continental states! they play cooperate events, openings, block parties, and A LOT of weddings (hence how I met them!)

Tommy, the manager and performer was playing Jessie and TJ’s wedding (a wedding I photographed) and contacted me to travel and photograph the many musicians in the company all over the country! I was so excited to be offered such an amazing opportunity and working with them has been SO much fun! I get to travel (which I love), I get to photograph (which I obviously love), and I get to show off my terrible dance moves while they’re playing (I also love dancing and embarrassing myself at the same time)! my friend, Alex, is filming them as well so we get to be a team on this and have met the most amazing people through this. everyone in the company is so sweet and talented, we love working with them! I’ve also taken on the position of social media manager for them as well so throw them a quick follow on

instagram, facebook and twitter!

insta: @howl2go

facebook: @howl2go or Howl 2 Go Dueling Pianos  

twitter: @howl2go

they are such a talented group and I can say with full confidence they will bring so much energy and enthusiasm to your reception! you will NOT regret that decision, I give you my word!


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