matt + tara - Victoria Saint Martin

dating has changed so much over the last 20 years (not that I’m really old enough to have experienced it before technology’s influence but I’ve seen enough romantic comedies to say that with confidence!) now-a-days we swipe through just about a mountain of strangers trying to find a connection through casual conversation. dating today is hard but when you hear a story like Matt and Tara’s you know it’s not impossible to find your match!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Tara through my sister; they graduated in art education together from ISU and they both helped me navigate my way through art school there. what I can say about Tara is that she’s spunky, creative, ambitious, always kind, and a GREAT salsa dancer!

Tara met Matt through tinder, when they matched Tara told us she wasn’t sure if he was “artsy” or “creepy” based off his pictures! I’m sure we can all relate to this dilemma, boy’s profiles never seem to capture their best light (they probably need to spend a little more time learning their angles am I right ladies?) but hey you have to take the chance sometimes because clearly first impressions online are difficult to judge. when I first met Matt, I had to break up their PDA just to introduce myself, crazy kids in love! he has never disappointed me in returning my sass and lovingly makes fun of Tara just about as much as we all pick on him and his eastern European accent!

anyone can tell how in love these two are after just five minutes of being with them. his sarcastic humor compliments her’s PERFECTLY and they look at each other like they see forever together (cheesy I know but true).

when my sister told me Matt was planning on proposing and hired me to take their proposal and engagement photos I was thrilled! I love being able to capture love’s purest moments but being able to capture the love two of my friends share is a blessing.

Matt and I were in contact for a few months prior to the proposal planning where and when. we met at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago a few days before the big day just to have all the details sorted out and make sure everything went as planned!

when saturday came Matt’s excuse to get her to the fountain was to meet up with one of her friends from out of town. my sister and a few other of Tara’s friends were hiding around the corner while I was in position to capture the big moment. he knelt down and caught her SO off guard, I could tell how nervous he was (he even dropped the ring), but I could also tell overjoyed she was  and she said YES! everyone came out cheering and blowing bubbles in celebration! afterwards we took the engagement photos around the fountain and next to Lake Michigan. although the weather was gloomy the photos are anything but, you can see their joy radiating! take a look for yourself!

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