sydney + angela - Victoria Saint Martin

sydney + angela

wow oh wow, this has to be by far one of my favorite proposals I’ve photographed! These two have to be just the sweetest couple I’ve ever met!

Sydney actually found me on Instagram searching #chicagophotographer and direct messaged me asking about my proposal package in preparation of proposing to her girlfriend! I was eager and honored to be a part of her plan I messaged her back immediately!

after discussing details of how the shoot will go and what she was expecting we got to planning! The day was set so that meant we needed to plan out everything in advance!

I first got to know her when I gave her a call over the phone, I wanted to discuss the details of how the proposal shoot goes and also ease some tension if there was any by reassuring her and just getting to know each other. I asked how her and Angela (her girlfriend) met and she told me they were in the same sorority in college and have been together since. they graduated together and are now on to the next adventure life has to offer them! they go to the Morton Arboretum together all the time now and have an affinity for nature! (they’re even celebrating their now engagement in Colorado together…. I’m jealous!!) we figured the Morton Arboretum would be the perfect place to propose!

after the initial call we set up a time to meet at the Morton Arboretum together so that we can make sure all goes as planned on the big day! She picked the most BEAUTIFUL area of the park! there were these super rustic stone steps and these giant pillars amongst all this greenery!

the big day came, and I was there early to help her set up (right?! can you believe it she had the CUTEST set up I’ve ever seen!) she had 5 vases of red and white roses, a letter board that read “it has always been and will forever be you” along with the date, some picture frames with black and white images of them together, and this is my favorite part, Angela collects Shel Silverstien books and was missing one, GUESS WHAT SYDNEY GOT HER?! the missing piece to her collection (insert tears here).

photographing them was a privilege, I seriously love catching that precious moment in a couple’s life that marks the beginning of the rest of their lives together! I could feel happiness and love these two shared vibrating in the universe, I know that sounds cheesy but get this, during our photoshoot a butterfly repeatedly landed on them and right next to her engagement ring! nnd if that’s not magic enough for you after we parted ways the song ‘marry you’ by Bruno Mars came on as I was driving home. no joke almost brought me to tears.

so congratulations Sydney and Angela, you guys are seriously an inspiration and a true vison of love. thank you for letting me be a part of your special moment! I love that we all started off as strangers and now I’m your biggest fan; ill forever be routing you guys on from the side lines!


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