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a little about me...

I am a chocolate binger, bad dancer, world traveler, and your biggest hype man!

I LOVE love. I grew up on 50 first dates, all the teen dramas in the world, and La La Land is my FAVORITE movie. Hello, I'm Victoria Saint Martin and I'm a hopeless romantic. my job lets me not only witness real life love stories but immerses me in them! I get to photograph true love and the happiest day in a couples life. as your wedding photographer I VOW to capture true, authentic emotion and every little detail that makes your day special while also tearing up behind the camera. not only that I'll be your number one fan for the rest of your life! 

one of the reasons I am drawn to photographing people is being able to capture my subjects in their best light. I love seeing my clients feel more confident, beautiful, and empowered after seeing their photos. I want everyone to walk out of our shoot feeling as beautiful as they are, knowing I captured their raw beauty and emotion. like I said, I will be your biggest hype man! 

a good way to get a feel for me as a photographer and just an overall sense of who I am would be to check out my journal section! I go into a little detail about certain shoots I've done and some of my travels and adventures! it is also a way for me to show my appreciation to my clients and share their stories as well! please give some entries a read if you have the time!

I  graduated from Illinois State University with my Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Photography. I also studied at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand for a semester which was the most incredible experience of my life! I miss my second home everyday! 

I am located in the Chicago suburbs but I LOVE to travel (if you don't believe me check out my travel gallery!)  please don't let my location discourage you from reaching out to  me, I have flown out for clients before and its honestly one of my favorite parts of my job, I am here for YOU and want to create photos that YOU love and can cherish forever! so lets grab a coffee  and create some beautiful memories together!

keep up with me on instagram @victoriasaintmartin

located in the greater chicagoland area

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